Attitude over skills

The right attitude can overcome obstacles, and that is a fact. Our attitude is one of courage, along with optimism and humbleness to stay challenged and open-minded for new information and ideas, to become more than we are, and achieve success. We're always going to face challenges and difficult times. Having the right skills but lacking the will to use them isn’t going to help us overcome the challenges and achieve success. We strive to be different, not because of our skills, but because of our attitude.

We're reinventing how good strategy gets done

A new era of search marketing

With more well run, automatic account management, it has become easier to manage a "standard" campaign. This is mainly due to the fact that machine learning has evolved so rapidly in our industry the last years. As a consequence, it is vital for marketers to dig deeper and learn how to utilize the algorithm to optimize towards the right goals to serve the overall business objective. Therefore, at digimii, we question what we know today, work for improvement and embrace change, always.

We're reinventing how good strategy gets done

The team

Henry Giang

Guilin Li

Mathias Benavente

Johnny Giang

Joakim Marklund

Alan Man

Christian Benavente

Johannes Höglund